Frequently Asked Questions

Does Classic Canadian Tour provide travel insurance?

Classic Canadian Tours does not provide travel insurance  If you would like to purchase travel insurance we suggest that you first check with your credit card company, as it may be offered on purchases made with your credit card.  Travel insurance may also be purchased through your car or home insurance provider or through a travel insurance company, such as Travel Guard. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance will ensure that you are covered in the event that you are not able to make the trip for a personal reason, such as illness or if your trip is interrupted for an unforeseen reason, such as weather.  Travel medical insurance, will pay the upfront costs not covered by Provincial Healthcare, such as evacuation, if you do not have extended health benefits.  Only your insurance provider will be able to let you know your exact coverage. 


How should I dress for my Yukon tour?

For a September tour daytime temperature range from +10 to +20 C and might be as cold as 0 C.  We recommend to bring a fleece pullover, rain/wind jacket, at and gloves (mainly for Aurora viewing).    All activities are casual.

For the winter tour in February and March tour, you will need winter wear for the Yukon.  A warm coat, sweater, snow pants, warm gloves or mitts, a knit hat (toque), warm winter boots, glove/mitt liners help keep you warm while taking pictures.  A full set of winter wear is available for rent; see options under the Northern Lights Tour for rental pricing.  All activities are casual; so comfy and warm is all that you need!

What is my luggage allowance?

Guests will be allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage, not to exceed 10 kg (22lbs) combined and two pieces of checked luggage, not to exceed 45 kg (100 lbs) combined and no single piece heavier than 32 kg (70 lbs).  Please review Air North's Luggage Policy for details, prior to departure.

What is the average temperature?

In February, the average temperature is -13 C; (Average Hi -8 C, Average Low -18 C)

In March, the average temperature is -7 C; (Average Hi -1 C, Average Low -13 C)

In September, the average temperature is 7 C; (Average Hi 12 C , Average Low 2 C)