Guest Naturalist - Michael Raine

Michael raineOur Guest Naturalist from Calgary – Michael Raine

Michael is a wildlife biologist with over 30 years of experience studying a diverse range of creatures far and wide. 

During Michael’s career as a wildlife biologist he spent 8 years conducting radio-telemetry studies of grizzly bears and black bears, during which he captured and handled over 100 bears.  This work included a 3 year study in Banff National Park and a 2 year study in Yoho and Kootenay National Parks.

As a naturalist guide, Michael has presented grizzly bear talks and led walks in the mountain parks for both the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary.  Highlights of the walks were to experience grizzly bear habitats and sign up close, and to teach the best means of avoiding (and reacting to) bears while hiking.

Michael is always thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with others on trips to wild places.  Classic Canadian Tours is pleased to have Michael as a guest natural on our Polar Bear Safari, October 28, 2016.