Testimonial by Les Stegenga, CCT Naturalist.

Les stegenga

I have been Classic Canadian Tour's lead naturalist for 13 years.  Trips to view northern wildlife; grizzlies and polar bears, are the usual tours offered by our Company but we are introducing a new destination this year which may initially appear surprising to you.  It's Winnipeg!  The trip is called Marshes to Mysteries.  The wetland is Oak Hammond Marsh, one of North Americas birding hot spots, which in the spring is a birder's delight with songbirds, shorebirds and migratory waterfowl.  Here is a unique chance to increase your "Life List" with a sighting of a black crowned night heron or a short-billed dowitcher.  The mystery part of the equation is the Manitoba Legislative Building where a Freemason architect in the early years of the 20th century created a building full of hidden meaning and symbols.  And, because this is a Classic Canadian Tour, there is a polar bear; the weekend includes a visit to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  

Testimonial by Dominique Lamberton, enRoute magazine, Editor

Dom lamberton

When I started working as an editor for enRoute magazine a few years ago, I knew there would be some travel opportunities coming my way.  So when my editor asked about my availability for my first assignment, I was thrilled.  "Where to?" I asked, my mind churning with possibilities. "Winnipeg," she said.  "In February!"  While initially surprised, I was intrigued to see what Canada's middle city had to offer, especially in sub-degree weather.  (Having grown up in Calgary and spent a lot of time in Saskatchewan, somehow, I had yet to explore Winnipeg.)  And this prairie city quickly made a big impression on me.  Firstly, winter doesn't stop Winnipeggers:  The Assiniboine and Red Rivers were bustling with skaters on the Red River Mutual Trail, while the Forks Market offered the ideal place to warm up, with flights of craft beer at The Common and sweets from Mini Donuts Factory.  Next door, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, one of two national museums outside of Ottawa, is a somber yet stunning experience. It's 10 permanent galleries winding through the cloud structure, which stands like a beacon in the city - make sure to devote a few hours here, ending in the Israel Asper Tower of Hope for a 360-degree view of the Peg.  My favourite area to discover, however, was the historic Exchange District, where the Beaux Arts buildings from the city's boom time at the beginning of the 20th century are now filled with shops, like stationary destination Tiny Feast, and restaurants, like brunch - and lunch-spot Clementine.  I was so taken with Winterpeg that I returned in August that same year - turns out, Winnipeg is a gem, no matter the season.

Testimonial by Brenda Trockstad, CCT Managing Director and Canadian Enthusiast

Brenda trockstad

My favorite Canadian city for its mysterious buildings, interesting museums, iconic meeting area and the most bird species that I have encountered in one area is Winnipeg.  When I first shared my experience with friends and co-workers, they weren't sure if they should believe it.  They had to go and see for themselves.  Hands-down, everyone that goes loves it.  It's the most unexpected Canadian history that you will learn on the city tour. And Winnipeg has polar bears!