Northern Lights Tour, 2 nights, September 2021

Enjoy Northern Light viewing from a cozy cabin or wall tent with a fireplace to keep you warm. Join Classic Canadian Tours September 17th to 19th for a fun-filled time in Whitehorse, Yukon. This package includes return airfare from Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver to Whitehorse, 2 evenings of Northern Light viewing (conditions permitting), 2 hotel nights, a city tour, and Yukon Wildlife Preserve, transfers in Whitehorse and guided tours.

We have partnered with Northern Tales to offer this spectacular weekend. Their guides are fully trained for all aspects of this tour. They will help you set-up your camera on a tri-pod to take photo’s as you watch the eerie, sulphurous-green sheen begin to ripple into an ebb and flow, slowly growing and then waving and dancing as if it were happy. It’s a spectacular and mystical evening experience. During the day you will take the City Tour and visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

September tour dates are Friday, September 17th, returning Sunday, September 19th, 2021.