Optional Activities

Ultimate Winter Experience $195.00 + GST

Enjoy and afternoon filled with a variety of great winter activities;

Snow Shoeing:  You’ll find out soon that this mode of transportation is lots of fun and hard work too!  You will be outfitted with snow shoes and taught to walk like the old-timers and trappers.

Sledding:  Ride with an experienced dog musher and enjoy the ride on the sled pulled by a strong team of well-trained huskies. 

Snow Machine:  Let yourself be introduced, as a passenger, to these fun machines and drive on a groomed trail.  

Surprise Event:  You will be offered other entertaining activities like snow tobogganing.

Included:  transfers, activities, individual instructions, snacks and hot drinks.  The driver will pick you up at 12:10 PM in the hotel lobby.  (Maximum 30 people.)

Duration:  4 hours

Life in the Cold – guided hike with nature interpretation $135.00 + GST

The walk through Yukon’s boreal forest takes you along a creek and to the banks of the Yukon River.  While walking along the trail you may see birds and wildlife that live here.  Your guide will provide you with information about wintering strategies such as migration, hibernation and resistance in animals and plants that make the boreal forest their home. 

Be sure to bring our camera.

Included:  Transfers, guided walk, cookies and hot drinks.  Pick-up at the hotel, departure time TBA. (Maximum 5 people)

Duration:  2 hours

Snowmobile Driving $210.00 (1/2 day) or $315.00 (full day) + GST

You will be driven to the site and provided with an introduction to the safety of driving a snow machine.  After instructions and a trial run with your instructor you’ll be driving your own machine over prepared trails through the incredible winter landscape of the Yukon.

Included:  Transfers, guide, use of snow machine (two guests per sled), snacks and hot drinks; lunch is provided for the full-day tour. Pick-up at the hotel, departure time TBA.  (Maximum 10 people)

Duration:  3 – 4 hours (half day), 7 – 8 hours (full day)

Dog Sledding $205.00 (1/2 day) or $279.00 (full day) + GST

Transfer by van to the dog kennel outside of Whitehorse.  Here you’ll watch your guide harnessing your dogs and hitching them to the sled.  The highlight of this excursion will be when you’ll run your own dog team for approximately 4 – 5 hours (2 hours for half day tour).

Included:  Transfers, instructions & guide, use of dogs and sled (two guests per sled), snacks and hot drinks; lunch is provided for the full-day tour.  Pick-up at the hotel, departure time TBA.  (Maximum 10 people)

Duration:  3 – 4 hours (half day), 7 – 8 hours (full day)

Winter Clothing Package $135.00

If you need warm clothing for the northern winter temperatures, consider renting.  The package includes an insulated parka, insulated pants, insulated boots, mittens and a hat.  The 3 night package costs $135.00 + GST.  If you are interested to rent winter clothing, please provide your clothing sizes; Jacket, pants and boot size, as well as, weight and height.