Day 1

Pick up at airport and short orientation excursion around St. John's. An evening slide show or photo exhibit will introduce you to the highlights of the upcoming holiday. Relax and get ready for the adventure.

Day 2: Overnight St. John's

Today begins with a boat voyage featuring whale watching, North America's largest puffin colony, and tens of thousands of other seabirds. We like to start your holiday with a thrill as we usually see members of the world's largest summertime gathering of acrobatic humpback whales, and often we enjoy the company of other whale species. The islands we visit are one of the planet's largest seabird reserves "” expect an amazing and joyful morning. Next we savor a lunch featuring local flavors before visiting one of the New World's earliest fishing villages.

Day 3: Overnight St. John's

Whales, members of the world's most southerly caribou herd, a small puffin colony, a tern colony, and seals are usually seen as we circle the Avalon Wilderness Area -- a 1,000 square kilometer park. Sometimes the whales are lunge feeding on a local beach. We usually get to enjoy lots of other wildlife including pelagic seabirds visiting from south of the equator. We have even found the occasional Antarctic seabird feeding along the coast. Our leader will find all the highlights for you.

Day 4: Overnight St. Brides

The morning starts with a visit to the continent's third largest gannet colony. This site is also a breeding ground for thousands of other seabirds including the world's most southerly breeding thick billed murres. We get great views of gannets, kittiwakes, and murres with their eggs and/or chicks. In season -- usually mid-July -- we enjoy some of the world's finest land-based whale watching as the high sea cliffs allow us to watch the whales cavort around their northern coastal feeding grounds. Then we're off to explore the first outpost of New France. We also show off our secret orchid patch and look for moose. The evening's destination is the Terra Nova National Park area. Tonight or tomorrow night usually features a moose and black bear hunt (with cameras only). We enjoy a 90 per cent or higher success rate at finding the moose, but bears are much more elusive. These hunts are always fun!

Day 5: Overnight Terra Nova National Park area

Examine Newfoundland 's marine ecology, as a morning-long boat trip takes you to see bald eagles and to view more of the wonders of the ocean. Icebergs, giant chunks of 15,000 year old Greenland glaciers, and more whales usually add to the day's photographic wonders. Spend the rest of the day on Terra Nova's walking trails, experiencing what makes this area so special "” moose, osprey, orchids, shore-birds, song birds, and much more.

Day 6: Overnight Terra Nova National Park area

Explore the lighthouses, history, wildlife, and coastlines of Bonavista and Trinity Bays. In some ways this is a day at leisure where we try to cater to your interests. Bird watching, icebergs, flower walks, beach combing, sea kayaking, whale watching, and hands-on marine biology programs are all possibilities. We call in at nearby settlements to experience the scenery, culture, and local flavors before returning to St. John's for the evening. Enjoy Friday and Saturday night out on the town in North America 's first city. Our leader will provide lots of suggestions about local theatre, entertainment and culture. Enjoy!

Day 7: Overnight St. John's

We usually enjoy another ocean cruise in search of whales and wildlife before traveling to North America's most easterly point. We further explore the trails, museums, and attractions of historic St. John's.

Day 8:

We enjoy free time in St. John's until we bring you to the airport.

Note:  Meals are a highlight and feature Newfoundland specialties such as bakeapple tarts and partridgeberry pies. The order of holiday events may be changed to accommodate the weather or other unavoidable circumstances.