Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wildland Tours?

Wildland Tours is a Newfoundland based Tour Operator that offers a variety of established Newfoundland programs. Their management team and guides have expert knowledge of the wild lands and the ocean. They are committed to providing quality life experiences for visitors and strive to maintain excellent customer service while providing respectful, sustainable, educational, and enjoyable excursions. For more information about Wildland tours please see their website,

What is the weather like?

Day-time summer temperatures can range from 10-25 °C (50-75 °F), while nights may go a few degrees lower. The weather is quite changeable, so be prepared. It is not unusual for people to wear T-shirts and shorts while viewing 15-storey-tall icebergs.

What should I bring?

Dress is casual and be sure to take a warm sweater, rain gear, light boots, and (very important) your camera and binoculars. Sunscreen is very important for our boat trips as the sunlight reflects off the water.

Are there any dangerous plants or animals?

Newfoundland does not have any snakes, other reptiles, skunks, poison ivy, poison oak, or ragweed. Lyme disease has not been found here. Common sense will prevent most problems. Occasionally groups will see black bears. Your guide will advise you on the best way to avoid these powerful animals, but common sense is still your most important asset.

I like to travel independently, but I also like the idea of going with a local expert. How much freedom is there on a Wildland Tours holiday?

There is a great deal of freedom and fun! For example, at our caribou viewing stop we usually find a herd ranging in size from several dozen to several thousand animals. Everyone is free to wander the countryside on your own, photograph wildlife, and explore; but we do ask that you not get lost! During our time in the cities there are lots of wonderful evening entertainment options. On other portions of the holiday there is free time for exploring, shopping, canoeing, fishing, etc.

Are there many flies and mosquitoes?

As with any wild place, there is a diversity of insect life. We spend most of our time in coastal areas where there are very few pests. Even when we go inland the flies are seldom a serious problem.

I have vertigo. Will this be a problem? What about seasickness?

Although we do travel near some cliffs, you will not be required to walk close to a cliff edge at any point. We visit a spectacular gannet stack, which we also use for land-based whale watching. If you are prone to seasickness, you can still fully participate in our Newfound Adventure and Viking Trail Experience. We have the flexibility to avoid rough seas, and usually the waters are so calm that seasickness is not an issue.

How experienced are the tour leaders?

Our leaders boast a great mix of local experience and knowledge. Some are authors, others are professors, and all sport a unique mix of knowledge, humor, and training. Expect a qualified, remarkable, and fun traveling companion.

I am a birder. Is this a good vacation for me?

The Newfoundland Adventure holiday features some of the world's most significant seabird colonies but we also take the time to enjoy land birds, wildflowers, whales, moose, and everything else nature has to offer. Our hotel in Terra Nova National Park features some very good birding trails and our leaders often lead early morning bird walks (while the non-birders continue sleeping).