Haida Gwaii Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive Haida Gwaii

The tour begins with a one stop flight from Calgary, AB or Vancouver, BC to Sandspit, BC and a short ferry ride to Queen Charlotte City. Welcome to Haida Gwaii, meaning ‘Islands of the People’.  This is an archipelago of over 150 islands with an incredible history surrounding the culture of the Haida People who first inhabited these islands over 10,000 years ago.  We will host a welcome dinner this evening.

Overnight: Sea Raven Motel


Day 2 Haida Gwaii

You will visit the magnificent Haida Heritage Centre that showcases the people, culture and way of life, highlighting the traditions of all fourteen Haida Clans. With a guide at the Haida Centre you will enjoy an interpretive tour of the facility followed by ample time to experience the exhibits at your leisure.

Overnight: Sea Raven Motel 


Day 3 Greater Masset and Naikoon Provincial Park, BC

Today a local guide joins us as we travel to the north end of Graham Island, the largest of the islands that form Haida Gwaii and visit the village of Masset. In Masset we visit the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum which showcases the diverse history of Masset and the first settlements in the area. Continuing on we visit Old Masset, the site of three traditional Haida Villages. Naikoon Provincial Park, the ancestral home of the Gwak’rala’chala people, is known for its pristine wilderness dotted with cultural sites and seemingly endless rugged coastline where we can explore both Agate and North Beach. At Tow Hill we take a short walk along the boardwalk to the Blow Hole where the force of the ocean is on full display as water shoots through the blow hole with each wave coming in. Our day concludes with visiting St. Mary’s Spring where, if desired you can taste the fresh spring water which, according a to local lore, a drink from the well will bring you back to Haida Gwaii later in life. Finally, we visit Balance Rock, a remnant of the Ice Age that looks precariously posed on the coast, but is in fact, firmly in place and immovable! Overnight: Sea Raven Motel 


Day 4 Skedans (Ḵ'uuna Llnagaay) Day Tour

This morning we board zodiac vessels and travel the coastal waters to the edge of Gwaii Haanas National Park to the Skedans, known locally as Ḵ'uuna Llnagaay. Our journey today is filled with storytelling and songs of the Haida People while exploring the coastlines filled with sea lion rookeries. At the village site of Ḵ’uuna Llnagaay, a National Historic Site of Canada, an interpretive tour allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the incredible history, culture and way of life of the Haida People who once inhabited the village. After an incredible day, we arrive back in Queen Charlotte City this evening.

Overnight: Sea Raven Motel 


Day 5 Port Clements and Tlell, BC

Travelling a short distance to Port Clements, an active forestry area where we visit the Port Clements Museum and learn about the past and present conditions of the forestry industry on the islands. A short walk from the museum we join the Golden Spruce Trail for a short, easy hike. The trail was named for the Golden Sitka Spruce that once grew at the end of the trail. The Golden Sitka Spruce that grew for nearly 300 years had a mutation causing the spruce to grow needles of a golden yellow colour. A sapling was saved from the original tree and has been nurtured for more than 40 years at the Port Clements Memorial Park which we will visit after hike along the trail. We visit Tlell, home to a variety of local artisans and take time at leisure to visit their shops and learn of their craft first hand. This evening we finish our journey with a traditional Haida Feast accompanied with stories and tales of the host families clan.

Overnight: Sea Raven Motel 


Day 6 Haida Gwaii – Prince Rupert, BC

Today we bid farewell to the Haida Gwaii and begin our journey home as we board a BC Ferry to Sandspit for our flight to Calgary or Vancouver.