Guest Naturalist - Michelle Viengkonge


Guest Naturalist – Michelle Viengkonge


Michelle has a research background focusing on polar bear populations in Canada. Her experience stems from her early curiosity about this iconic Arctic megafauna and the Inuit culture. She pursued these interests in her studies at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) during her bachelor’s degree in biology. From her undergraduate honours program she conducted fieldwork in Nunavut alongside Inuit hunters. Traveling across the beautiful landscape by ski-doo and sled, she assisted in the collection of non-invasive samples for genetic analysis.

She went on to complete her graduate program at the University of Alberta.  Her project focused on the genomics and movement patterns of polar bears in Hudson Bay. This graduate program provided her the opportunity to connect with organizations like Polar Bears International and facilitated her fieldwork experience based out of Churchill, MB. Michelle is familiar with the polar bear populations in the region and has since returned to guide tours here. She is excited to share her knowledge and passion with others and learn from those she crosses paths with! 

 Classic Canadian Tours is pleased to have Michelle join our team as a guest naturalist.