Guest Naturalist - Jon Jorgenson

John jorgenson

Our Polar Bear Tour Naturalist – Jon Jorgenson

Jon Jorgenson graduated from the University of Calgary in 1975 and has worked in the field of wildlife biology ever since. Jon initially worked as part of a team of biologists studying the effects of oil sands development on populations of woodland caribou, moose, and wolves. He moved on to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division in 1978 where he has been for the past 36 years. During the first 10 years with the Division, Jon worked in the Edmonton Research Section and was the primary researcher on a long term project studying the effects of population density on reproduction, growth, and survival in a marked population of bighorn sheep on Ram Mountain, Alberta. This project continues to this day and is currently looking at the selective effects of trophy hunting on horn growth in male bighorn sheep. Hence his special interest in Alberta’s official mammal.

Jon is currently the Senior Wildlife Biologist responsible for wildlife management in the Canmore-Kananaskis area. A significant aspect of his current work involves the implementation of action items identified in the Alberta Recovery Plan for grizzly bears with a focus on bear-human conflict management and population inventory studies using hair collected from grizzly rub trees. Attractant management initiatives, use of Karelian bear dogs in aversive conditioning, and development of public education programs are all employed and contribute to keeping bears on such a high human-use landscape. They also contribute to Jon’s reluctance to retire. 

Classic Canadian Tours is pleased to have Jon join our team, as a guest naturalist.