Guest Naturalist - Dr. Doug Whiteside

Dr doug whiteside

Polar Bear Tour Naturalist - Dr. Doug Whiteside

Dr. Doug Whiteside is the senior staff veterinarian at the Calgary Zoo and a clinical associate professor at the University of Calgary.   He earned both his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Doctorate of Veterinary Science from the University of Guelph.   Growing up in rural Ontario with a forest as his backyard, Doug’s interest in wildlife and wild places was instilled in him from a young age.   Before starting at the Calgary Zoo in 2001, Doug had a seven year association with the Toronto Zoo, originally as a zookeeper before starting and during vet school, and later as a veterinary resident.  In addition he spent a year at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky as a veterinary intern.  Doug’s passion for wildlife has taken him on adventures in Canada to work with species such as bison, caribou, bighorn sheep, and amphibians, as well as internationally to Southern India, Australia, Guyana, Brazil, Trinidad, and Costa Rica.   He enjoys interacting with groups and sharing this passion, and is thrilled to return to Churchill for the polar bears.