Frequently Asked Questions

Does Classic Canadian Tours provide Travel Insurance?

Classic Canadian Tours does not provide travel insurance.  If you would like to purchase travel insurance we suggest that you first check with your credit card company, as it may be offered on purchases made with your credit card.  Travel insurance may also be purchased through your car or home insurance provider or through a travel insurance company, such as Travel Guard. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance will ensure that you are covered in the event that you are not able to make the trip for a personal reason, such as illness or if your trip is interrupted for an unforeseen reason, such as weather.  Travel medical insurance, will pay the upfront costs not covered by Provincial Healthcare, such as evacuation, if you do not have extended health benefits.  Only your insurance provider will be able to let you know your exact coverage. 


How should I dress for my Oil Sands Tour?

Average temperatures during the month of June average between 8 and 22 degrees Celsius. We suggest that you wear casual, comfortable clothing for spring conditions.  Closed toe shoes are required.

What are some of the items I should pack for this trip?

To help ensure a more memorable journey, here are some suggested items to bring:

  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Binoculars
  • Good walking shoes
  • Comfortable clothing for exploring and in-flight travel
  • Light jacket
  • Umbrella

Do I need photo identification?

Yes.  For the oil sands tour, government issued photo identification, such as a drivers license or a passport, is required for the flight to Fort McMurray and for entrance to the Suncor Energy facility.

How is my tour payment protected?

Payments and deposits will be handled by Classic Canadian Tours or your selected travel professional. They/We are responsible under jurisdictional law to appropriately handle the payments.

What if I have further questions?

Classic Canadian Tours will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may contact us via phone or email and we'll do our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Please proceed to Contact Us for additional information.

for additional information.

Can I bring a lunch on the bus?

Yes.  You can bring along a beverage and lunch.

Is there a washroom available during the Suncor site tour?

Yes.  There is a washroom on the bus and the tour also includes stops at public viewpoints, where facilities are available.

Is there a minimum age for this tour?

Yes.  Children must be a minimum of 12 years of age.