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A one-day guided trip was an affordable way for Scottsdale woman to achieve her dream.

Seeing polar bears on Manitoba tundra - My bucket list was completed when I visited 100 countries and all seven continents, but I wanted to see polar bears in the tundra. One day my girlfriend phoned from Calgary, Alberta. She said Classic Canadian Tours offered an affordable one-day trip to see polar bears. They were going, so my husband and I decided to join them.

Grizzly bears of northern BC

I stare out to the shore from aboard our 72 foot-long catamaran, scouring the water’s edge. Long grasses, a large overturned tree, a big rock and beyond, thick, pristine coastal rainforest. “How can I not see it?” I say to myself, then, I look again, this time further to the left.

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Brian Keating on Polar Bears

Calgary Herald, Calgary's Brian Keating:  Why watching Churchill's polar bears matters, by Yvonne Jeffery, October 30, 2012

A very special VIP travels to polar bear country with Classic Canadian Tours.

Cottage Life - One hundred-and-five-year old Pauline Page spent Sunday afternoon in her Saskatoon apartment watering plants and planning for her upcoming polar bear tour in northern Manitoba.

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